Thursday, September 1, 2011

ALFAHKR'S: A Persian Cuisine

Want a Persian Cuisine that is affordable yet sinfully tasteful? You should try Alfahkr's Persian Food, located at the heart of Maginhawa St., UP Teacher's Village, Quezon City, Philippines.

You can choose from these appetizing starters:

Hummus – PHP45 Mashed chickpeas in select spices
topped with olive oil and sesame seeds

Keema – PHP60 Sauteed ground beef in special spices
Ox Brain – PHP60
Can’t think of anyting to eat? They now serve Ox Brain!
 Alfahker’s also cater scrumptious rice meals:

Grilled Lambchop – PHP165, PHP155 w/o rice 
Australian lamb basted with marinade grilled to goodness
Grilled Persian Chicken – PHP100, PHP90 w/o rice 
Grilled chicken breast in herbs and spices
Beef Curry Kebab – PHP130
Perfect combination? Beef and Chicken Kebab with Curry sauce

Not in the picture:
Beef and Chicken Kebab Combo (Served with grilled tomatoes and onions) – PHP125

Falafel wrap (fried chickpeas with select spices wrapped with pita bread with onions, tomatoes and cucumber) – PHP70
Falafel (single order) – PHP55
Pita Bread – PHP10
Yogurt Shake (Strawberry, Mango, Banana, or Plain) – PHP60
Iced Tea Pitcher – PHP65

Little Facts about Alfahkr's:
Since Persian (a.k.a Iranian) Cuisine is popular for satisfying spice-lover foodies, Alfahker's still adjust to customers, mostly students, and serve not-so-spicy-dishes. You can opt to savor more kick to it with their spicy and garlic sauce.

Alfahker's humble restaurant welcomes customers and guests warmly and brings sure satisfaction after dining in and even when you want your orders to go. Alfahker’s is perfect for students for their affordability and for people who just wants to hangout and have fun while eating out.

With a 30-seating capacity, this modest place have a homey ambiance with an artistic attack because of their cool walls.
Drawn by friends of owners with a permanent marker
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photo credit to Pinoy Manila


  1. Hi! It tastes like pork but it has a different texture. :) It is best served with a squeeze of 'kalamansi' or lime juice. :)



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