Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BENMORE: Ways to Drink This Four Casks Scotch Whisky

BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky is a deluxe drink produced and distilled in Scotland. Matured in four different types of oak casks, this superb drink match standards of all kinds of drinkers.

Four Different Types of Oak Casks
The four oak casks are (1) Sherry Casks which creates a richness that you will savor; (2) Bourbon Casks, that gives the liquid just the perfect hint of woodiness; (3) Charred Casks, which provides the ideal level of smoothness; and lastly (4) Refill Casks, which is produced by BenMore Four Casks signature complexity.

There are 22 shots that you can enjoy in different ways with every 700ml bottle of BenMore. (Note: Don't forget to put ice on every glass or else you won't enjoy it!)

(1) Straight up or on the rocks* (Make sure after enjoying a glass of straight up or on the rocks, you chug lots of water to let the toxins out and your liver wont hate you forever *wink*)
(2) Mix it with water (Pour one part of BenMore in a glass and add one to two parts of water)
(3) Mix it with Cola* (Pour two parts of BenMore and fill up the glass with cola)
(4) Mix it with Iced Tea* (Two parts BenMore and fill up the glass with iced tea)
(5) With tonic water/soda (One part BenMore and two parts tonic water/soda)
*My personal choice of mix

BenMore is made by DIAGEO, the leading makers of Johnnie Walker, J&B, Jose Cuervo and a like. Fortunately, unlike these leading brands, BenMore is very affordable with a suggested retail price of PHP330 to PHP385 per 700ml bottle (depending on your location in the Philippines).

Embossed stag on box and bottle
for BenMore's authenticity
You can never go wrong with this brand because you can be assured that each bottle is original because both bottle and box are embossed with the iconic stag that symbolizes leadership, superiority and masculinity that no other brands can copy.

Me with BenMore's Brand Ambassador
himself, Borgy Manotoc
photo credit: pinoymanila.com
Speaking of leadership, superiority and masculinity, BenMore choose the perfect Brand Ambassador for the Philippines: Borgy Manotoc. He was introduced to chosen bloggers last September 6 at The Wine Museum. A piece of advice he shared to all, Drink Responsibly.

BenMore's Official Website (coming soon): www.benmorescotchwhisky.com

If you have more suggestion of mix, you can comment on this post or contact me here.

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