Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Johnny Rockets, Eastwood Mall

It was a jam-packed Saturday evening at Johnny Rockets, Eastwood Mall and the week-long planning of this dinner with Nan (officemate) pushed through despite that.

Me and Nan :)
As we enter the restaurant, we were welcomed with a warm greeting, add the oldies song that is being played on their jukebox and the Americana-inspired decors, you will definitely feel the vibe of this American resto that started in the Los Angeles, USA in 1986.

The two of us had a hard time deciding what to eat despite it was only a 2-paged menu (back-to-back). Everything on the menu is appetizing and mouthwatering which made us more hungry.
Botomless Soda Pop, PHP110
Since I wanted something salty I ordered Spam Burger and Nan ordered The Original. I actually wanted the double patty burgers but I know I would have a hard time biting the huge burgers they serve. Most in their menu comes with unlimited fries (which made me extra happy!). We also ordered Soda Pop (it's just soda dear. I just like how they call it. lol): Regular Coke for me and Sarsi for Nan.

You will surely smile after seeing how they serve their ketchup! :)
After ordering, I saw one of their new burgers ad which is not included in their menu. When I saw it has grilled onions, I called one of the crew and asked if I could still change my order, and yes, it was okay. It is named Highway 54 (EDSA? lol), I think its our counterpart of their own Route 66, which is named after the famous original U.S. Highway. By the way, Nan also changed her order to Highway 54 and added Garden Salad as side dish. :)
Highway 54 with unlimited fries, PHP260

Garden Salad, PHP30 (as side dish with burger meal)

While waiting for our scrumptious meal, we were entertained by the crew's famous dance number.
The dancing crew!
 It was a great chance to dine in there and enjoy their meals the only setbacks were (1)they waste ice and effort in refilling the drinks. They brought us another glass filled with ice and soda instead of just refilling it. Maybe it's an "American standard" but I still see the waste of ice, and effort in washing tons of soda glass per table. (2) they have poor customer service. Well, minus the lady manager who approached us most of the time asking for soda and fries refills. But when we ask the crew to get us fries, it takes longer than the 3-4 minutes cooking time they said. We also saw a baby roach crawling on the couch where we were seated. I called the guy manager and he caught it with tissue. Infairness he said sorry. Cleanliness? What the? I wouldn't actually blog about it but one more thing happened that ruined our pleasant stay, when our bill came it indicated the meals we ate, that's it. When our change came, we were shocked to see that they billed us 12% VAT and service charge! I was really disappointed. They should have indicated the total amount of our bill and not just the food we ate. It would be a shame if we payed the exact amount without the VAT and service charge. TSK!

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