Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BONCHON: Best Chicken in the Philippines!

I love BonChon so much I claim it the best chicken here in the Philippines! I wont forget that crisp yet moist meat, no-grease skin that savors my mouth with a kick of spice and hauntingly addictive glaze.
I remember how these BonChon Chicken Wings slowly bite my tongue with its heat and spice yet I wont stop munching it because it's so tempting, you'll get hooked!

BonChon Chicken Wings
(6pcs, PHP185; 12pcs, PHP365; 24pcs, PHP720)
BonChon's special cooking technique is to render the chicken's fat to create a crunchier skin yet maintaining its hot, moist meat without making it soggy. Blended with BonChon's soy-garlic glaze are often imitated but never replicated. It makes the chicken deliciously tangy, while spice builds up nice and slow to a friendly heat. Both are blended in Korea and shipped to stores worldwide.

The way of frying makes its chicken healthier to eat too! BonChon uses only natural, high-grade vegetable oil, producing a crunchy fry with ZERO TRANS FAT. Also, their products are certified ZERO MSG also.

Best consumed when you order. For takeout or pick-up: just open the box to keep it crisp; reheat in the oven or toaster.

In Korea, they usually pair this delectable chicken with cubes of pickled radish with cold, fizzy soda or beer. This kind of combination produces an irresistible repetition of salt and spice, cold and hot, briny and sweet, crunchy and tender.

Ginger Tofu Salad, 
But for me, it is also delectable if it is paired with BonChon's Ginger Tofu Salad. The dressing balances the saltiness and the spice of the chicken.

BonChon, Ayala Triangle, Makati City
opened last December
Satisfied bloggers! :)
Claimed by New York Times, Esquire and GQ Magazine as the
"Best Chicken in America" is now in Manila, Philippines!
For delivery, call 2121212
or visit their branches
Photo credits to OneStyle.

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